Tawny Box 2021... looking forward to another breeding year

I am really hoping that the Yew View tawny box goes according to plan this year! This pair have bred here for the last four years, although last year, she abandoned the nest, after laying. The whole area was very flooded and we wondered whether this affected her and her ability to hunt effectively.

We always battle with the squirrels to start with....

We just keep removing the leaves and they usually give up. We often film interactions between the tawny and the squirrel and generally, whoever is in the nest box at the time, wins. You can see her looking out, as the squirrel arrives.....

This last week, the female has spent some time in the day in the box and that is always a good sign. She then leaves, just as the light is fading, to start hunting for the night. Sometimes, she visits the box early in the morning. She seems to be checking to see if the squirrel is back in there. It must be a common battle as they would both like the same kind of natural nest hole in a tree . It was lovely to capture this clip, in daylight...

The pair have been visiting regularly at night, and are very vocal as they 'discuss' the merits of this desirable abode and decide to move in again!

She will also have to keep the stock doves out... they are also interested!

and the visitors to the outside....

With the high speed broadband due to be connected at the end of Feb, we are really hoping we can live stream this camera to share the story of this lovely pair, if they decide to breed here again.

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