Gardening for wildlife – My May Garden

May is always my favourite time of the year in the garden. It quite literally bursts into life and nature takes over somewhat…. which is fine by me. some like their gardens to be neat and tended, live us always on the verge of our of control and I like to let it be a little wild……

The garden is a mass of foliage, buzzing and twittering and I have numerous nests. Some are live streaming on my website and I found this Wren nest today, tucked up in the ivy, but it does not seem to have any occupants.

The pond is looking great now and, as I tidied up around it, I could see newts, tadpoles and dragonfly larvae…

The following are a selection of images that sum up what my garden is right now. As you can probably tell, it is a very special place for me and I get a tremendous amount of pleasure from the time I spend here….

With a week of warmer weather predicted, there will be even more growth of the coming weeks and, for me, a lot of work to keep it semi under control!

Gardens are such an important place for our British wildlife and I like to think I am doing my bit here on my patch …..

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