Christmas Mice & Hungry Birds

With a bit of a colder patch lately and the natural food sources running low, there has been a lot of action on my rid feeding stations. I am still waiting for two of my favourite winter visitors to make an appearance; the black cap and the bullfinches. I have heard the bullfinches around, but not seen them at the feeders yet. The Hub feeders are mainly attracting the finches: chaffinch, goldfinch and greenfinch. The male and female great spotted woodpeckers make daily appearances along with dunnocks, all the tit species and jackdaws, collared doves and wood pigeons. With this video, I experimented with the annotation option, that identifies some of the species as they appear (this feature does not work on a phone).

Goldfinch, greenfinch

Great spotted woodpecker (male)

Collared dove

Dunnock, long tailed tits, goldfinch

Great spotted woodpecker (female)


Goldfinch, chaffinch, greenfinch, blue tit

The set-up on the wall outside my office window is getting busier as well, with blackbirds, robins, nuthatch and tits being the main visitors..

I have lots of exciting plans for feeding stations in 2017, with the addition of a very special camera into my patch…. more about that in the near future!

Meanwhile, to follow on from my last blog post… what has been happening in the Mammal Christmas Box? Both wood mice and voles have been visiting and providing me with some lovely captures…..

Here is a video compilation of some of the clips from this year’s action. The set-up  will be live on my website unit the end of the week!

My foxes are visiting regularly and beginning to get vocal again as breeding season approaches. I am hoping we will have another littler of cubs in late March, with them generally appearing at the feeding station in May.

I have not had any interest from my tawnies yet, after last year’s dramas…. still time and I think the relatively mild winter so far has not triggered them into breeding yet… time will tell.

Keep an eye out on my live feeders… let’s hope the bullfinch and black caps make an appearance soon!

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