Field Fox Cam

This camera has been temporarily placed here, to see if I can live stream the foxes visiting. This is in a field next to my garden. The field belongs to my neighbour, so you may see her jack russell appear at times!


My foxes are very wild and very wary. They tend to only appear from dusk onwards and sometimes very early in the morning. On the 25th May, the vixen appeared with two small cubs. In the past, the cubs have started visiting on their own, at earlier times, and I hope this might be the case this year. I put a small amount of dried dog biscuits out every night and there is also a bowl of water, as it has been so dry recently.

I have another camera on this site as well, so we won't miss a moment here!


I will tweet if the foxes appear, so if you are on Twitter, you will know when to look at the camera.

This set-up uses a Hikvision Camera: Model DS-2CD2623G0-IZS

NEWS UPDATE: 3 cubs are visiting, usually from 9pm onwards

Latest Video Captures

These images are from the last few years at this site.